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Click to Enlarge Basic is a very practical shelving system, which by virtue of its complete modularity is extremely easy to install.

The unitary, reinforced shelves are designed to be either bolted or slotted to the system's vertical supports. The various accessories enable the user to create with 'Basic' a personalised shelving system.

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Click to Enlarge Pluriservice is a very rational and desirable system for storage in display areas and lends itself to fulfill the storage needs of different merchandise.

Storage of spare parts, books, plumbing and electrician's supplies, hobby products and haberdashery constitute but a few examples of the different areas where 'Pluriservice' can be successfully utilised.

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Click to Enlarge Eternex Totally Galvanised System combines extreme versatility with extraordinary durability. It's high level of modularity permits the development of shelving structures allowing quick adaptability to changing storage capacity needs within the same overall dimensions.

Its simplicity in assembly and the many permutations obtainable from its basic components render 'Eternex' the system of choice in storage planning.

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Compact is the end result of Cosmetal's build of know-how as generated in Thirty years of business experience. 'Compact' is a multifunctional system with outstanding characteristics particularly as regards robustness and safety considerations as duly tested and certified by relevant bodies and laboratories. The 'Compact' range spans from the traditional pallet racking or drive in systems to the more advanced dynamic shelving systems.

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