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Cosmetal profiles are manufactured from the highest quality high tensile strength steels (Fe510).

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Only O-sections are used which give higher resistance to buckling due to larger 2nd moment of area. Although the profiles are inherently stronger due to their box shape (as opposed to T sections), the material thickness is such as to prevent accidental damage.
In other words, the thickness of the material cross section offers a resistance to accidental damage which is way beyond other makes, in which the stiffness is provided by protrusions in the profile (falsely economising on the material).
These protuberances are very easy to crush accidentally, and the stiffness is therefore not permanent.
No economy is made on the material quality of our components. A profile can be rated for any given weight capacity in ONE direction, but it might be weak and liable to collapse due to impact in a perpendicular direction. The products we are offering you are much safer in this respect.
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All elements are designed with durability as a priority. Our 'tiled' modular shelves (in the Compact range) form a closed section that is further protected by the specially profiled 'Dual' beam; as opposed to the cheaper 'open tile' design, where the shelves are just bent pieces of sheet steel that are rested on beams leaving the edges exposed to impact and warping.
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Cosmetal products are offered with different finishes: either Galvanised (coated with Zinc), or Thermosetting Epoxy polymer finish (Light grey RAL 7035, or if required: Yellow/Blue). As regards cleaning, the epoxy finish is less porous and therefore more hygienic.

It must be understood that in general a good epoxy finish will be more durable and beautiful than a bad galvanisation. Although Zinc is a 'sacrificial anode' to steel as regards corrosion, you will certainly have seen badly corroded galvanised products such as shelves, garage doors etc.

It all depends on the thickness of Zinc deposited, on the uniformity, and on the adherence to the steel. Corrosion of the Zinc coating is a slow but constant process.

If the Zinc coating is not thick enough, or badly deposited, the surface might have less resistance than a good epoxy finish (which is easier to maintain). On the other hand a good galvanisation will offer more rust resistance, and we usually recommend it for the uprights, which carry humidity more than the shelves.

Our galvanised products are all produced from 100% readily galvanised Fe360B 'Zendzmir' steel, which is cold formed to the required specifications. This contrasts with some systems in which either the galvanised steel is welded, ruining the Zn coating, or done in-house after shaping - which never guarantees a result as good as the galvanisation done on the raw material as regards to adhesion.
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