Point of Sale


Caravel Ltd are representatives in Malta of EUTRON point of sale systems.


Model: WISE 158

The WISE 158 is an affordable Electronic Cash register with built-in flexibility to serve a wide range of retail applications.  Easy-to-follow messages guide you with minimal training. It is avaialable in two versions, EASY and ADVANCED.

Standard Features:

Extra Long Life More than 24 YEARS of use with daily Z-readings! (8839 Z-readings)
Electronic Journal Only one roll - save money and storage space
Customer Display Fluorescent 12-digit LED pole display (pull-up and pivot)
Operator Display Large Backlit LCD - 4 lines by 24 column-per-line display
Printer One station 58 mm silent thermal-printer
Printing speed FAST 70 mm/s
62-key Flat programmable ‘QWERTY’ keyboard
Foreign Currencies 4 Programmable
Tax Rate 4 programmable plus non-taxable status
  • Drawer
  • Daily (3 styles)
  • Department
  • PLU
  • Inventory
  • Periodical (monthly, weekly)
  • Cashier
  • Tables
  • Customer
  • Sales person
General Functions
  • Correction of previous transaction
  • Void of current receipt
  • Percentage discount
  • Discount in value
  • Refund
  • Tax on receipt
Drawer Metal cash drawer (multi-compartment) with jack connector
Power Supply 230V AC
Dimensions Front 33cm x Depth 38cm x Height 18cm, only 2.7Kg
Certification ISO 9001: 2000 Quality System CE marked
Upgradable Yes

Easy Advanced
  • Metal cash drawer included
  • 16 Departments
  • 200 PLUs
  • Metal cash drawer included
  • 48 Departments and 8 Groups
  • 3,105 PLUs (Expandable to 20,000 PLUs)
  • Chip card reader included
  • CCD Barcode reader included
  • Receipt with advanced graphics
  • weighing scale
  • slip printer
  • kitchen printer
  • pc
  • modem
  • 2/3 serial RS-232
  • Ethernet connection (optional)
Advanced Functions
  • fidelity/bonus points/credit control or pre-paid chip cards
  • control (Selling/Cost Prices & Profit Calculation)
  • restaurant table management
  • optional manoptional management software

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