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Fabbrica Ambrosiana Carrelli (F.A.C. Srl) situated in the heart of the industrialised Milan province (Italy), has been manufacturing high quality handling equipment for more than 50 years.

To date F.A.C. can boast of a very vast range of products, which may be classified as:

1. Manual and electrically (mains) operated pallet trucks, lifters and high lift maintenance platforms
2. Battery operated electronically controlled self-propelled hydraulic stackers
3. Battery operated heavy duty pallet trucks and tow-tractors
4. Special items such as airport container handlers/platforms, explosion proof stackers, die -handlers, paper/clothing rolls handlers, order pick-ups etc.

In conjunction F.A.C. offers a complete range of accessories such as side-shifting forks, adjustable forks, operator stand-on platforms, space saving free lift for low headroom, double rollers for uneven terrain, initial lift, and even special accessories on request.

F.A.C. offers the latest technology in its electronically controlled stackers/lifters with impressive design and several safety features.

F.A.C. products are all designed with sturdiness, practicality and effortless handling in mind. After many years of use, all owners of F.A.C. equipment testify for superior reliability, performance and maintenance accessibility.
We at Caravel pride ourselves with a well-stocked maintenance/parts department, and a very quick service on site in case of emergency.

We are gratified to provide equipment with the quality normally associated with a German or Swiss product but at the very competitive price that only F.A.C. can offer due to the success of its products exported throughout the world.

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