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Your activity presupposes the keeping of vast amounts of documents in a well organized filing system. This is not only a pre-requisite inherent to your work and to the obligations towards your clients, but with the introduction of the Data Protection Act, document storage has acquired a legal dimension.

Space will always be a limiting factor, and while digital scanning might seem a solution, hard copies will always be needed. This ever increasing amount of paper will start encroaching on office space and eventually render your existing offices too small.

It would be needless to remind you of the massive problems, disruption and expenses involved in identifying, acquiring, refurbishing and relocating to larger premises. With ever increasing property costs, optimization of existing space can only be seen as a top priority.

Your conventional shelving system wastes more than half the available floor area in corridors.

Even if one increases the height up to the ceiling the gains are limited, and the corridors have to be wide enough to allow the safe use of a ladder.

The solution which offers the highest storage capacity is, without any doubt, DYNAMIC SHELVING.

With dynamic (also called compactable) shelving you will only need ONE access corridor. Therefore the available storage volume is effectively doubled!

As a practical example, if you have a 4.4m x 4.6m (20 m2) room available for storage, you can fit at best 6.8 m2 of standard racks. Using dynamic racking you can fit 13.7 m2 of racks. The racks have the same dimensions in both cases. (30cm depth for the wall rack, 60cm for the double racks, 80cm corridors).  This means that you effectively gained another 20 m2 room for your storage.

Essentially, compactable systems are movable racks which run on trolleys.  These trolleys will stack together and are easily moved about manually by means of a hand-wheel. (An electrically powered version is also available).  The action in our 'Euromobil' systems is so smooth that even a child can move 3 or 4 fully loaded trolleys at a time.  The system is also suitable for use by persons on a wheelchair.

'Euromobil' compactable systems are very conveniently priced.

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